Booking Info.

T & C


The client shall assist and cooperate with the videographer in obtaining the desired outcome, including specifying persons and/or scenes to be shot; taking time to pose for scenes at the videographer’s direction; providing a person to guide the videographer to desired persons and/or scenes; pre-shoot consultations, etc. FreshBizFilms shall not be responsible for videos not shot as a result of the client’s failure to provide reasonable assistance or cooperation.


Confirmation Of Booking.

No booking is confirmed until the required deposit decided before hand is received via PayPal, Meet-up, or other discussed payment method. Deposits are NOT refundable in any circumstances in which the CLIENT may wish to cancel a booking after deposit has been paid. The client is allowed to reschedule in the event of illness, location unavailability, inclement weather, or staff/cast unavailability. If there is an issue shooting, a reschedule date within 30 days of the original shoot date will be decided via discussion between both parties. If (FreshBizFilms) has to cancel a shoot due to illness or any other reason, deposit will be refunded or both parties are eligible to reschedule the shoot for a later date. ALSO, if traveling, travel expenses are expected to be paid after shoot is wrapped. FreshBizFilms is to gather necessary content throughout the specified times of the shoot discussed by both parties or until it is agreed upon that the shoot is wrapped or finished.


Price : (dependent on video requirements)

Half (50%) of the payment (Deposit) will be paid up front to book the requested date(s) for client. The second half of payment is due on set after shoot is wrapped. (FreshBizFilms) reserves the right to only refund the initial deposit received after a sequence of 3 or more edits don’t satisfy the client, see edits section for more information. Upon agreement with the client, (FreshBizFilms) reserves the right to charge out of pocket expenses for travel and sleeping accommodations (i,e. hotel), parking charges and any other related expenses to the client separate from video rates.


Upon initial first edit (FreshBizFilms) sends to the client, the client can have a maximum of 1 re-edit, any edits beyond the 1 re-edit are $50 an hour. This ensures client will be thorough with notes and not waste time having (FreshBizFilms) edit the video 10+ times. Once (FreshBizFilms) produces the final product, it can be sent to the client via large file transfer online upon request OR uploaded directly to the clients YouTube channel.


We retain the right to use any footage captured towards the marketing and/or promotions of (FreshBizFilms) such as director reels or personal content. The final edit will retain “FreshBiz Films” branding/signature (ie: Filmed by FreshBizFilms). The right to all original video footage produced is retained by (FreshBizFilms). Original data files remain the property of (FreshBizFilms). If you wish to do so you can purchase the video files for your own personal use. (FreshBizFilms) is not held responsible for loss of the final product and/or any RAW footage purchased after its provided to client.



If any equipment belonging to (FreshBizFilms) is damaged during the video shoot due to negligence and/or carelessness by the client or the client’s party, they are required to pay the amount to replace the broken items.