Proposal Template | How To Get Sponsored! by Courtney Hill

My name is _______ of “Your Channel Name”, a YouTube review channel that focuses on mobile technology and smart accessories. I have a subscriber base that comes to me for my tech insight. Currently my channel has XXXX+ subscribers (Twitter- ___K followers, ____k+ Instagram followers) and I have reviewed products from various companies. I feel your company would be a great fit for my audience of tech savvy people who love mobile tech. Below i have listed my channel link and the SocialBlueBook value of my promotion across all my profiles.

Channel Link:

Social Media Quote:


Below I have included some video links as well:

Afterglow AG 9 Headset (22.45k views)

Apple Watch (13.6k views)

Galaxy S7 Edge Review (28k views)

Oppo F1s Review (10.6k views)

If you require any additional information I would be happy to provide it.


*It may also help if you reference the product that you would like to review


My Meaning of Life by Courtney Hill

The meaning of life in my eyes is very simple, it starts with words and energy. These two things are very powerful, for example words, God created light with his/her words, "Let there be light". Your words become things and your goal should always be to be impeccable with your word. Don't speak with hate, doubt, fear or things that go against who you are or who you want to be.

Energy is all around us we are comprised of energy, we are electrical beings. I also see energy outside of its literal sense and meaning. Our thoughts are energy and people have both positive and negative energy. The goal is to both emit and surround yourself with good energy. We are here to make a better life for ourselves and the community around us; to build with different walks of life and learn and grow. 

Everyday I learn more about myself and the World around me. I go forward knowing that for me it begins with words and energy and ends with God. The sum of myself and my actions is in pursuit of God's word. I'm not perfect but I'm not content with being imperfect. Be better than before 💪🏾

SKWSD [ $°°Ń ] by Courtney Hill

New trailer has been released for #SKWSD coming soon people! Enjoy this appetizer until the full course is served!! 🍗🍔🍕#FreshBizFilms

SKWSD Music Video Trailer

She Knows.... 

She Knows.... 

Losing Yourself With Age by Courtney Hill

As I get older I notice that it is getting harder to stay connected to the things that once made me happy. I am finding new joys in life don't get me wrong but I've traded leisure practices for monetary success.  

Of course seeing my yearly income increase year over year is important and gratifying but I have to make time for that mindless fun. Although it isn't productive it is necessary to keep me going. 

I realized this when I went on vacation recently, not having to clock in or worry about freelance work felt good. The goal now is to find those getaways in everyday life. My latest getaway has been the gym which is the best way I can spend my down time in my opinion.  


Going forward I am going to continue to keep the big picture in mind nurture my mind and body with positive influences. With age I am learning what is truly important in life. It's easy to lose yourself in the day to day demands but make time for yourself no matter if it's going to the gym or playing a video game. Sometimes you need those mindless activity to clear your mind and get away.  

Note to self: don't lose yourself  


Becoming A better Me (Health) by Courtney Hill

We all have dreams and aspirations that we strive to accomplish from work to personal goals  

Often times we lose sight of ourselves and the fundamentals while in pursuit of the bigger picture  

My goal is simple but difficult for the majority of my country's population  

I am in pursuit of good health  

Of course there are many other goals I need to accomplish but good health will ensure all others are reached  

America is designed to kill you nowadays  

From police brutality to stress they put their people through with media scares and the food they encourage us to eat  

Our grandparents never had to worry about eating organic, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs and the pesticides covering their food  

Something so simple and necessary has become over complicated with a new diet plan popping up every other day. When all we have to do is eat right and be active 

We have way too many unnecessary temptations with fast "food" and other artificial "foods". Since when do you have to worry about your government (which is meant to serve the people)  genetically modifying organisms and calling it food?

We are battling for our lives when we decide where we want to go for lunch now  

Be healthy so that you can live the life you dream about. Be healthy for your future  

Do Better! #Visuals by Courtney Hill

I am truly shocked and amazed when I come across someone's video and it looks like absolutely no effort went into its production.

We all know what good work looks like and we can try our best to emulate it but sometimes I see these videos and they looked half baked.

Simply, do better

Especially if you are the artist that is represented by the visuals for instance a music video, if you are the performing artist you should demand better for your brand


So many people want to be taken serious but don't take themselves seriously

Invest in yourself, pay a bit more to get a better product. Everything that is uploaded to the internet lives forever. Don't misrepresent your intentions by cutting corners where it counts.

Moral of this story do better especially if you want to build a quality brand.

YouTube Dropouts by Courtney Hill

I have been on YouTube for a about 3 years now and I have met many content creators and have seen the fads come and go. 

For a while, there were a lot of gaming channels popping up left and right, then tech videos, then vlogging channels, then makeup channels and god knows whatever else.

Most of the people behind these channels were inspired by their favorite YouTuber and decided to emulate them. 

Their greatest mistake was trying to duplicate the content and success of the people they looked up to. They should have instead incorporated a bit of themselves in their content and offer something different. Why would a viewer subscribe to you if you are the wannabe knock off version of their favorite youtuber?

Bring something to the table that is unique to you

What happens is once they notice that the blueprint that was proven successful for others isn't bringing them the same results they become discouraged and quit YouTube and so be it they started for the wrong reasons.

I began YouTube because I saw that people weren't talking about the things that I thought were important. I started gaming videos like many others but my commentary was about current topics instead of a play by play of the game I was playing. I started tech because people weren't giving real opinions and advice for other buyers out there. I started doing music videos because I felt I could produce a better visual for people to watch. 

Everything you do should be original in some way because there is only one you  

If you follow that philosophy you won't lose


YouTube Dropouts

YouTube Dropouts

Life Changes by Courtney Hill

Alright, I have been thinking constantly about my next step in life.

I am looking to move around and begin again in a new city, I've been on the job search and I think both my corporate life and vigeography business would blossom in a more accepting surrounding. 

I've been praying on it and anyone out there reading this hopefully I'm in your prayers as well 

I have faith that everything will fall into place for the better

 Being willing to leave what's comfortable for the opportunity to grow is a hard task.

Change is good but difficult and necessary, growing and evolving in life is what makes it worth while.

Long ago I decided to leave behind a legacy that I could pass on to the generations that follow. Nowadays no one inherets riches, all they get is debt and heart ache.  

Going forward get out of your comfort zone and force yourself to evolve not only for yourself but for those that follow

Being Happy isn't Easy by Courtney Hill

Being happy isn't easy but its worth the effort

The main things that keep me grounded are "The Four Agreements" and pertaining to my personal happiness the 2nd agreement "Don't take anything Personal"

In life there is always someone expelling their negative energy and even if they are directing it towards you, you don't have to accept it.

Often times, their negativity is a reflection of themselves and what they are going through personally. The act of them trying to pass that energy off to you is a way for them to get rid it and feel better. But once again it has nothing to do with you.

I just deflected some negative energy and gave them positivity in return, so I thought it was necessary to share my belief system with the world.

Stay positive at all costs because it will improve your quality of life.



Black People Don't Tip? Fact or Fiction? by Courtney Hill

Alright, while discussing the waiter/ waitress profession with my peers we got on the topic of tipping and to give you the context and setting I am a Black man and 99% of my coworkers are White

My stance on tipping is as follows: If you provide great service then I will tip you. If I give you a tip/extra money the message I am sending is your service is worth more and you did a great job

Most of my peers feel that you should tip by default regardless of service provided. So everyone gets 15%-20% tip just for showing up and you get more of a tip if they feel you earned more.

That logic makes no sense to me personally, because I don't feel the world works that way. If you perform above standard then you receive incentive to continue that behavior/ performance. You don't take a class and get a B+ by default because you showed up, right? If I didn't get good service then you will not get a tip.

Then someone shouted, "Well Black people don't tip! Anyway" Now, they shouted this out because they had an emotional outburst and disagreed with my position. But I wanted to elaborate on that stereotype. If you endorse that biggitry than you must believe all black men are thugs and are in gangs. All stereotypes are ignorant.

But let's elaborate on that, I was told that waiters in the service industry feel the same way and sometimes refuse to wait on blacks because of this. Now, is it that no blacks tip or that your preconceived notion causes you to provide poor service which in turn reflects on your tip?

Now, I am a Black man and I do tip if you have earned it but often times I notice that I go into a restaurant expecting poor service because I have encountered several waitresses that neglect my table or have a poor disposition. Now is it because they believe they won't receive a tip so why provide good service? Maybe it isn't even a conscious decision to give bad service, they just believe no tips comes serving Blacks and subconsciously quit before starting. 

I have noticed this disconnect and decided to ask you what do you think? 

Some people are just cheap and won't tip in any situation but that is not dictated by the color of their skin

Also think about the history of Black people in this country and the service industry. JimCrow and segregation provided an unjust environment for those of colors. Not saying that things haven't changed but the mindset and history is still there

If You Only Lived Til 25? by Courtney Hill

if you had less time to live do you think you would have more of a sense of urgency to make your dreams come true?

Or would you give up on yours dreams sooner and live the life the world expects you to live?

If everyone on there 25th birthday past away, imagine how society would be structured...

People would graduate college sooner and expected to become adults once they hit puberty

The one thing that wouldn't change is teens would have kids at 15 

What else do you think would be different? 

The Company You Keep by Courtney Hill

Surrounding yourself with like minded individuals is a must

If the people you call your friends don't compliment and support your mission then they are not conducive to your growth

I have noticed that people are more concerned with keeping their "Day 1" around as long as they can as if that makes them more original, genuine, or real.

If that person is holding you back, keeping them around makes you foolish and counterproductive 

Here is a great article from Maciej:

How To Be Selective About Your Network

Make a list and actively seek out people to interact with – Think about where you want to take your business or career.  Make a list of the people you know that you’d like to have on your team and the skills they will bring to the table. By creating this list you will find yourself making a more conscious effort to spend time with these people.

The power of networks – It has been shown that the people we surround ourselves with influence us in subtle yet profound ways. If you associate with people who are successful you will “absorb” their way of thinking and decision making. You need to be highly selective about the peers you associate with.

There are many ways to connect with people – Connecting in person is a great way to build strong relationships, but you can also find like-minded people online in specific MeetUps or groups. A word of caution, though, in my experience I’ve found out that the communities that charge you for membership, even if it’s a nominal fee, are of much better quality. The cost of joining screens out people who are simply looking for a free ride.

Take some time today to think about who you want in your life and how you can surround yourself with them. Shape your network in a way that will not only propel you forward, but everyone else who surrounds you.

Too Competitive? by Courtney Hill

Is it possible to be too competitive?

I've noticed that amongst those that are involved in the Black culture have an overly competitive attribute

We are competitive to the point that we fail to support each other

"If I support him, that means he is better than me" 

This is most evident when it comes to hip hop. I don't know how many times I have been in a debate over which rapper is better than the next. Often times I'll just say "I like" so and so and then someone says that another person is better.

Why can't we just respect both rappers and admire their differences?

Everyone is the best at being themselves and I can respect their strengths. That doesn't mean that I think they are better than the next man. 

We have to break the cycle and support those that have like minds and common interests.

There can be more than one best because we are all the best at being ourselves.

There is no better you than you! Give credit where credit is do without reservation

Branding Yourself by Courtney Hill

I tell creatives and those around me all the time that branding is essential if you want to send a consistent message. You have to be synonymous with quality product.

When you think Apple you think A1 quality.

If you expect to be held to a higher standard you have to put yourself there and only offer your audience quality product.

Often times I see creatives with potential and talent ruin their brand by putting out product that is less than.

Take yourself serious and others will follow suit. 

My mission and goal is to do just tat, when you see something that I am pushing you need to know that it is of quality.

My brand will not be attached with anything less than and or you will see growth in my work.

My greatest fear in life is staying stagnant. We should always strive to improve ourselves and others around us.

Know your brand and grow it. 

FreshBizFilms.Net by Courtney Hill

it's alive!!!! 

it's alive!!!! 

Creating this site has been amazing and it is turning into something I can be proud of. I believe the minimal and modern design shows the growth in my brand. I am also pleased that I was able to blend all of my interests on one site and make it look well put together. I look forward to filling these pages with content. The last page to scratch off my list is the Music page I will be featuring underground independent content there, music that means something. EXCITED to say the least!

Progress by Courtney Hill

FreshBiz Films has been well recieved lately.

I feel that people are finally starting to take notice and wanting to be apart of it from having me film for them and be involved with there projects 


Wanting to be apart of what I do and see my process

I am truly humbled by the acceptance and pray I don't let anyone down. 

At the end of the day I can only stay true to my passion and present the best product in my eyes. 

I view it all as motivation and a step in the right direction.