Here you will find some of my thoughts and be able to interact with me on a different level. Or this may be my online open book diary

The "End" Game

Do you want to work for someone for the rest of your life?

I once heard that there are two kinds of people

  1. Those that work hard to make their dreams come true 
  2. Those that work hard to make someone else dream come true

Everyday you go to work at that factory, restaurant or call center you are working hard to make someone else's dream come true.

Is that what you dreamt of doing growing up?

Or was it to be the first Black President, Firefighter, Doctor or Lawyer

We all start with our own dream and then we slowly adopt the dreams of others and lose sight of our own ambitions.

Eventually, you become old, you may look back and say "I did my best" but you'll know that without the limitations of this world you would have done it differently.

What is your "End Game"?

And what type of person are you?