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Too Competitive?

Is it possible to be too competitive?

I've noticed that amongst those that are involved in the Black culture have an overly competitive attribute

We are competitive to the point that we fail to support each other

"If I support him, that means he is better than me" 

This is most evident when it comes to hip hop. I don't know how many times I have been in a debate over which rapper is better than the next. Often times I'll just say "I like" so and so and then someone says that another person is better.

Why can't we just respect both rappers and admire their differences?

Everyone is the best at being themselves and I can respect their strengths. That doesn't mean that I think they are better than the next man. 

We have to break the cycle and support those that have like minds and common interests.

There can be more than one best because we are all the best at being ourselves.

There is no better you than you! Give credit where credit is do without reservation

Courtney HillComment