Here you will find some of my thoughts and be able to interact with me on a different level. Or this may be my online open book diary

The Company You Keep

Surrounding yourself with like minded individuals is a must

If the people you call your friends don't compliment and support your mission then they are not conducive to your growth

I have noticed that people are more concerned with keeping their "Day 1" around as long as they can as if that makes them more original, genuine, or real.

If that person is holding you back, keeping them around makes you foolish and counterproductive 

Here is a great article from Maciej:

How To Be Selective About Your Network

Make a list and actively seek out people to interact with – Think about where you want to take your business or career.  Make a list of the people you know that you’d like to have on your team and the skills they will bring to the table. By creating this list you will find yourself making a more conscious effort to spend time with these people.

The power of networks – It has been shown that the people we surround ourselves with influence us in subtle yet profound ways. If you associate with people who are successful you will “absorb” their way of thinking and decision making. You need to be highly selective about the peers you associate with.

There are many ways to connect with people – Connecting in person is a great way to build strong relationships, but you can also find like-minded people online in specific MeetUps or groups. A word of caution, though, in my experience I’ve found out that the communities that charge you for membership, even if it’s a nominal fee, are of much better quality. The cost of joining screens out people who are simply looking for a free ride.

Take some time today to think about who you want in your life and how you can surround yourself with them. Shape your network in a way that will not only propel you forward, but everyone else who surrounds you.