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Black People Don't Tip? Fact or Fiction?

Alright, while discussing the waiter/ waitress profession with my peers we got on the topic of tipping and to give you the context and setting I am a Black man and 99% of my coworkers are White

My stance on tipping is as follows: If you provide great service then I will tip you. If I give you a tip/extra money the message I am sending is your service is worth more and you did a great job

Most of my peers feel that you should tip by default regardless of service provided. So everyone gets 15%-20% tip just for showing up and you get more of a tip if they feel you earned more.

That logic makes no sense to me personally, because I don't feel the world works that way. If you perform above standard then you receive incentive to continue that behavior/ performance. You don't take a class and get a B+ by default because you showed up, right? If I didn't get good service then you will not get a tip.

Then someone shouted, "Well Black people don't tip! Anyway" Now, they shouted this out because they had an emotional outburst and disagreed with my position. But I wanted to elaborate on that stereotype. If you endorse that biggitry than you must believe all black men are thugs and are in gangs. All stereotypes are ignorant.

But let's elaborate on that, I was told that waiters in the service industry feel the same way and sometimes refuse to wait on blacks because of this. Now, is it that no blacks tip or that your preconceived notion causes you to provide poor service which in turn reflects on your tip?

Now, I am a Black man and I do tip if you have earned it but often times I notice that I go into a restaurant expecting poor service because I have encountered several waitresses that neglect my table or have a poor disposition. Now is it because they believe they won't receive a tip so why provide good service? Maybe it isn't even a conscious decision to give bad service, they just believe no tips comes serving Blacks and subconsciously quit before starting. 

I have noticed this disconnect and decided to ask you what do you think? 

Some people are just cheap and won't tip in any situation but that is not dictated by the color of their skin

Also think about the history of Black people in this country and the service industry. JimCrow and segregation provided an unjust environment for those of colors. Not saying that things haven't changed but the mindset and history is still there

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