Here you will find some of my thoughts and be able to interact with me on a different level. Or this may be my online open book diary

Being Happy isn't Easy

Being happy isn't easy but its worth the effort

The main things that keep me grounded are "The Four Agreements" and pertaining to my personal happiness the 2nd agreement "Don't take anything Personal"

In life there is always someone expelling their negative energy and even if they are directing it towards you, you don't have to accept it.

Often times, their negativity is a reflection of themselves and what they are going through personally. The act of them trying to pass that energy off to you is a way for them to get rid it and feel better. But once again it has nothing to do with you.

I just deflected some negative energy and gave them positivity in return, so I thought it was necessary to share my belief system with the world.

Stay positive at all costs because it will improve your quality of life.


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