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YouTube Dropouts

I have been on YouTube for a about 3 years now and I have met many content creators and have seen the fads come and go. 

For a while, there were a lot of gaming channels popping up left and right, then tech videos, then vlogging channels, then makeup channels and god knows whatever else.

Most of the people behind these channels were inspired by their favorite YouTuber and decided to emulate them. 

Their greatest mistake was trying to duplicate the content and success of the people they looked up to. They should have instead incorporated a bit of themselves in their content and offer something different. Why would a viewer subscribe to you if you are the wannabe knock off version of their favorite youtuber?

Bring something to the table that is unique to you

What happens is once they notice that the blueprint that was proven successful for others isn't bringing them the same results they become discouraged and quit YouTube and so be it they started for the wrong reasons.

I began YouTube because I saw that people weren't talking about the things that I thought were important. I started gaming videos like many others but my commentary was about current topics instead of a play by play of the game I was playing. I started tech because people weren't giving real opinions and advice for other buyers out there. I started doing music videos because I felt I could produce a better visual for people to watch. 

Everything you do should be original in some way because there is only one you  

If you follow that philosophy you won't lose


YouTube Dropouts

YouTube Dropouts

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