Here you will find some of my thoughts and be able to interact with me on a different level. Or this may be my online open book diary

Becoming A better Me (Health)

We all have dreams and aspirations that we strive to accomplish from work to personal goals  

Often times we lose sight of ourselves and the fundamentals while in pursuit of the bigger picture  

My goal is simple but difficult for the majority of my country's population  

I am in pursuit of good health  

Of course there are many other goals I need to accomplish but good health will ensure all others are reached  

America is designed to kill you nowadays  

From police brutality to stress they put their people through with media scares and the food they encourage us to eat  

Our grandparents never had to worry about eating organic, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs and the pesticides covering their food  

Something so simple and necessary has become over complicated with a new diet plan popping up every other day. When all we have to do is eat right and be active 

We have way too many unnecessary temptations with fast "food" and other artificial "foods". Since when do you have to worry about your government (which is meant to serve the people)  genetically modifying organisms and calling it food?

We are battling for our lives when we decide where we want to go for lunch now  

Be healthy so that you can live the life you dream about. Be healthy for your future  

Courtney HillComment