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Losing Yourself With Age

As I get older I notice that it is getting harder to stay connected to the things that once made me happy. I am finding new joys in life don't get me wrong but I've traded leisure practices for monetary success.  

Of course seeing my yearly income increase year over year is important and gratifying but I have to make time for that mindless fun. Although it isn't productive it is necessary to keep me going. 

I realized this when I went on vacation recently, not having to clock in or worry about freelance work felt good. The goal now is to find those getaways in everyday life. My latest getaway has been the gym which is the best way I can spend my down time in my opinion.  


Going forward I am going to continue to keep the big picture in mind nurture my mind and body with positive influences. With age I am learning what is truly important in life. It's easy to lose yourself in the day to day demands but make time for yourself no matter if it's going to the gym or playing a video game. Sometimes you need those mindless activity to clear your mind and get away.  

Note to self: don't lose yourself  

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