Here you will find some of my thoughts and be able to interact with me on a different level. Or this may be my online open book diary

My Meaning of Life

The meaning of life in my eyes is very simple, it starts with words and energy. These two things are very powerful, for example words, God created light with his/her words, "Let there be light". Your words become things and your goal should always be to be impeccable with your word. Don't speak with hate, doubt, fear or things that go against who you are or who you want to be.

Energy is all around us we are comprised of energy, we are electrical beings. I also see energy outside of its literal sense and meaning. Our thoughts are energy and people have both positive and negative energy. The goal is to both emit and surround yourself with good energy. We are here to make a better life for ourselves and the community around us; to build with different walks of life and learn and grow. 

Everyday I learn more about myself and the World around me. I go forward knowing that for me it begins with words and energy and ends with God. The sum of myself and my actions is in pursuit of God's word. I'm not perfect but I'm not content with being imperfect. Be better than before 💪🏾